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What “REALLY” Happens on a Singles Group Cruise… Or, “Sex, Alcohol and Rock’n’Roll”!

I hate to be the one announcing the bad news… but let’s set the record straight here and now.  Invariably, you will have that one person on the social media forums that will dare to ask the question all newbie hosted singles group cruiser or otherwise has in mind: “What exactly happens on a singles cruise?” Emphasis on “happens”… A few comments in response later, where seasoned travelers have politely but maliciously referred to the cruise agenda, a hardier question, the “real” question is out of the box: “I meant, Sex… alcohol…?” And I am here smiling. People’s fantasy wheel just goes on turning faster as soon as they hear “singles cruise”.

My personal response: NOwhere on the agenda is there an activity lined up as “ Meet up at the Dream Bar for our hosted orgy from 8 to 11pm, attire:  none.”  There will be no exchange of keys as in the 60’s…  There are certainly groups for that type of behavior, but this is not the venue for it.  Simply put, this is good old group travel where people traveling alone can socialize easily at diner time instead of being alone slurping their soup in silence in some dark corner. There is no obligation to participate in any group activities whatsoever. Lounge at the pool all day with a good book if that is what you wish to do. But if you are the social butterfly type, you will enjoy meeting and chatting with people from all walks of life and have some fun, dance as you have not danced in so long, and make new friends.  You will find there is a whole lot of laughter involved during the hosted activities, whether it be dance lessons or “battle of the sexes” type trivia!

That does not mean that many do not carry in their heart the secret hope to finally meet the life companion they were waiting for. And it does happen. Mostly though, the love affair will only last from the pre-cruise meet until disembarkation day… but that’s ok. It’s your life, your vacation, do as you please, same as on any other vacation!  The point is, no one will force you into submission to some obscure inexistent group rule or code.  You will be the only one ordering that pretty umbrella drink, the price tag will go onto your own sail card account (we are independent gals), and no one will force alcohol down your throat. We are big girls now, right? We assume our actions.

No fear. My personal experience of a few of these singles hosted group cruises has been that you will meet kind and fun gentlemen that will treat you as real ladies. Unless your own behavior dictates otherwise… Sex? Had none… (sigh)… Flirting? Hell yes, did a whole lot of that! Truth is, I’m nothing but a flirt. But isn’t getting some attention (and playing girly-girl wearing pretty dresses on formal night) not the real reason we join singles cruise groups anyway? We crave that, we need that attention! We are single women, and that’s acceptable behavior.

Yes, there will always be the creepy guy or the know-it-all with a jerk type attitude -more stories about that to come!-, but those have a sign put on their back real quick… Us girls we talk, and even use secret sign language to warn a girl that seems unaware of the potential annoyance they are talking with 😉 . When that happens, just run away with a smile. Remember, you are with a group of a hundred or a few hundred men, on a ship with a few other thousand of them, different cultures and ages! No doubt, you will find a representation of all mankind…  And of course some, men or women, will come to have a drink too many while partying away and maybe regret it, as well as the terrible headache, the next day… Whatever. The one true traveling code of conduct that does exist: be at all times respectful of others, and you will be respected in turn. Bring your smile and open mind to a new adventure, and enjoy your well deserved vacation cruise. HAVE FUN!

By Aimée Fawn, Wanderlust Addict


  1. Mike February 20, 2014 Reply

    What about if you just want to go on a cruise to decompress without any worries or pressures about hooking up, Aimee?

  2. Author
    Aimée Fawn February 26, 2014 Reply

    Mike, what I liked about the singles group cruises I have experienced was that there were no pressures about hooking up, and I certainly was not worried about it! It was all about having a fun vacation, not dining alone, and meeting some great people along the way. That is my state of mind, but of course everyone has there own when participating in a “singles” specific travel group. I also do travel “solo”, but then it is all about the travel experience, the destination, learning something new… For example, a small ship with historians and mostly scholars on board took me through ancient Greece, its islands and major Turkish sites (one can never forget Ephesus), with mythology entertaining me. I loved every minute of that trip. I am planning to do something similar through southeast Asia. A vacation cruise to the Caribbean is a whole other mindset, to me. Put some island music through my ears, white sand under my feet, turquoise waters for my eyes… and bring on the rum 😉

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